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Potion Craft

Potion Craft is an alchemist simulator where you physically interact with your tools and ingredients to brew potions. You’re in full control of the whole shop: invent new recipes, attract customers, and experiment to your heart’s content. Just remember: the entire town is counting on you!

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Learn the art of potion making

Experience physically handling the ingredients and feel the satisfaction of harvesting reagents from the Enchanted Garden, then carefully grinding it all into powder for your next potion.


Experiment and invent new recipes

Found an efficient way to brew a potion? Save it in your recipe book and next time you need it, boom, make it in one click!


Sell potions

Listen to your fellow townsfolk, understand their needs from the stories they are telling you, and sell them the right potions to keep your business running!


Take good care of your Enchanted Garden, and you will be rewarded with various herbs and mushrooms for your alchemical needs.


Grow your own ingredients

Use complex apparatus

The most sophisticated potions cannot be brewed in a simple cauldron; they require complex processing as well as dedication and patience, but the payoff is worth it.


Don't go out of business

Haggle for every last

piece of gold!


Find powerful recipes

Experimenting is not the only way to learn alchemy! New recipes can come to you as a reward from a happy customer, or you can purchase them from traveling merchants.


Become a master alchemist

Explore the Alchemy map and find a variety of effects you can add to your potions! Fire, frost, healing, poison, explosion, magical vision, invisibility… your potions potential is limitless!

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